Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Guardian Angel

When I was growing up my mom occasionally reminded us of our guardian angels. The most memorable time for me was the guy who stopped with his large truck and pulled us, our minivan, & our boat up a gravel hill that we were nearly sliding backward down. That's a story for another day though.

Our guardian angel was on duty today when I had the kids out for a run. The 70 degree February weather has given me a burst of ambition and I have been trying to run again. We were about a mile from our house this morning when we had a run in with a car. What a car does to a jogging stroller isn't pretty. It's not pretty what it does to a mother's emotions when her babies are strapped into the said jogging stroller. Especially when one of them goes flying out.

Now, Leah and Jonah are fine and I've gotten a hold of my emotions about the whole ordeal. The guy that hit us rolled through a stop sign and right over the front wheel of our stroller. He was very apologetic and I think will forgive me for the choice words I shouted at him. We also had great service from the local ambulance crew and paramedics who checked out the bump on Leah's head and gave Jonah the once over. Leah was not a fan of the siren so we declined a ride to the hospital. We were thankful that one of the passerbys was our neighbor who was happy to snuggle Jonah while I calmed Leah down and went to get our car with the car seats so we could get home.

So yes, our guardian angel worked hard today. It really could have been so much. Pedestrians don't usually win in car / pedestrian accidents.

and I guess we will be getting a new stroller.


Paula said...

Reading that caused a little lump in my throat. There are days that I just wish my kids would stop bugging me...you know the kind of days. Of course, I don't really mean it...

This does make you stop and hug them a little tighter. I'm so thankful that nothing happend to you or the kids. I can't even imagine what ran through your head....or what you yelled!!!

Jess said...

Oh Sarah, I can't even imagine. My heart was racing reading this. It truly does make you look at them and thank God for them.... How did Paul handle it?

Tena said...

I nearly threw up just reading about that. I can't imagine how terrified you were. I am so glad you are ok!!!

The Morehead Family said...

Oh Sarah, thank GOD you guys are all okay. I can't even imagine how scary that was for you.