Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Neglected Blog

So yes, I have neglected my blog and my camera in the past two weeks. Things have been busy around here! Last week both of the kids had check ups at the doctor and we spent the weekend at Grandma Helen & Grandpa Lee's while Paul was busy with work things.

Also last week Paul made some changes in his office and we made the decision I would head to work in office one day a week. This of course led to a bit of a freak out on my part! I've done lots of work at home in the past three years, both parenting and things for Paul's business, but it's been almost three years since I had to "go to the office." Fortunately, a good friend of mine has agreed to watch the kids on Wednesday's and her kids are close to the same ages as Leah & Jonah. Yesterday was their first day and things went pretty well!

The other nice part about being at the office is that I like my boss and he takes me out to lunch! For as much as I hate leaving my kids, it will probably be good for my mental health!

So that's what's up with us. More posts to follow.

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