Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Kids

Forgot to mention that Jonah is now 6 months old! So happy 1/2 a year to him way back on Valentine's Day! With that milestone we also had to make another trip to the doctor for shots and a check up. And since Leah is close to her 3rd birthday she got a physical & shots too. I was VERY curious to see where Leah landed on the growth chart since she is visibly taller than most of her friends. She weighed in at 36 lbs and 39 inches putting her above the 90th percentile for both. So yeah, she is bigger than 90% of girls her age!

Now our little man is growing just fine too. He's not topping the charts like his sister but with a weight of almost 18lbs and height of 27 inches he's average for weight and taller than 70% of baby boys his age.

So that is that. Do the stats really matter? Probably not. Just nice to know that they are growing. Not that it wasn't obvious with their pants getting shorter and shorter!

And how about photos!?!

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Tena said...

That picture of the two of them is really, really cute! You have gorgeous kids Sarah!!