Friday, July 18, 2008

Farewell to the Beloved Nee Nee

So we finally did it. At least I hope we did it. We got Leah to get rid of her Nee Nee aka her pacifier. It has been her constant companion since birth so the fact that it's gone is a big deal.

Where did it go you ask? Well we had an especially busy morning yesterday that involved dropping the car at the shop & having to drive Paul into the office. We stopped at the hospital where I am planning to deliver baby #2 to pre-pay for the delivery and when we got back to the car the nee nee was GONE!

So I suppose I could have trekked back through the long open halls of the hospital, back to the finance dept, and into both bathrooms that we used on a quest for the missing nee nee, but NO, it was time for mommy to be hard core. I have been telling Leah for months that it was her VERY LAST nee nee and if she lost it there would be no more. We have also been telling her that she was going to have to pass her nee nee on to her new baby brother.

Well somehow over the course of the day I convinced Leah that she had left her nee nee at the hospital so that her brother will have it when he comes. Paul reinforced this idea when he got home and we are pretty sure it stuck. It's now pushing 36 hours with out the beloved nee nee and she is surviving.

Now was it such a big deal that my 2 year old still had her pacifier? NO, not really. Poor girl treated the thing like a cigarette though. Seriously walking around with it hanging out of her mouth and trying to talk around it. Taking it out to eat a few bites of food and then jamming it back in. Whining and crying until we found it when it was missing. Making life generally annoying for all.

Anyway, it's a new chapter. Life with out the nee nee. Well sort of . . . . . I did fine the nee nee that she left at the hospital underneath her car seat last night, but DON'T tell her that!


Charlie's Moppy said...

Bye bye Nee nee!!! I won't tell!

Vicki said...

I think it's the most annoying for the parents so I'm happy for you that it's gone!

Lee said...

Wow, Sarah, I can hardly believe the nee nee days are past. I knew Leah would not go to kindergarten with her nee nee, but I did wonder about preschool. Now that we finally have high speed internet, i have no excuse not to read your blog. It really took patience on the old computer. I loved reading it. You are a good writer. And knowing Leah makes all the difference. Those emotion photos are priceless and make me miss her so much.

Lee said...

So you probably figured out that Dad didn't write that last comment. Love, Mom (or this one)

The Morehead Family said...

Congratulations to Leah (and Mommy) for reaching another milestone! Hope the transition is still going smoothly for you all. Love that you called it a nee nee...we called Hayden's a la la.

Jess said...

Bye nee nee! Gavin's keep "breaking"??? There aren't many good ones left.