Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ploy Book

So I know in the world of sports teams have playbooks. You know those books with the pictures of x's and o's and lines and arrows and stuff that basically tell the players where to go and what to do. Well, I have decided that a "ploy book" must also be in existence. This is a book that is passed around to all children and is filled with a list of all the "ploys" to use to prolong bedtime.

I think it starts when they are infants with the crying or filling a diaper. Next it moves on to things like needing a stuffed animal or a blankie or a pacifier. Now, since Paul and I have been blessed with a particularly verbal child, it has moved to the following.

"Snuggle by daddy few more minutes"
"I have to go poopy"
"I have to go pee pee"
"One more book mommy"
"One more hug mommy"
"One more kiss mommy"
"turn my fish light on"
"leave the door open"
"I need a drink of water"

I'm just convinced at the existence of a book of some sort because I know I didn't sit down and teach her these requests and when to use them. We are fortunate that she knows that most of them don't work. (I am a sucker for more hugs & kisses) And really, she is a good sleeper most of the time so it doesn't kill us if bedtime lasts a few extra minutes.


Violet said...

They sure are sneaky... And it is hard to pass up those extra cuddles!

Dave Morris said...

Courtney's was always a drink of water or potty. How can you deny either? She was pretty smart... and now she's gone to making not-so-smart decisions. How quickly they change in just a few (okay 17) years.

Charlie's Moppy said...

How true!!