Monday, July 7, 2008

Letter to a sick kid.

My dearest Leah,

Chocolate milk looks a LOT better going down than it does coming up. So do breadsticks, grilled cheese & apple juice. I'm sorry you are sick.

Next time mommy covers your bed and pillow with a towel so you won't puke all over them; can you please leave the towel where it is instead of vomitting on the pillow, sheet, blanket, wall, etc.

Thanks for being a quiet puker. Makes it easier for momma to deal with. The fact that you just say "uh oh, what happened" instead of screaming about it is nice too.

I'm glad you figured out that your kiddie potty works great for throwing up in as well as it does for peeing and pooping in!

I realize you don't feel well but mommy can only handle so many hours of cartoons. Can we please watch something else?

It is really sweet that you feel asleep on the couch. Unfortuneatly momma can't get anything done but blogging and surfing the net without waking you up.

HOpe you feel better soon! Love you,



Dave Morris said...

I'm guessing with Paul's vomit reflex on poopy diapers, you're pretty much the Lone Ranger with cleaning up vomit, right? Paul, I'm not sure I could do it myself...

Sarah said...

Surprisingly Dave, Paul cleaned up the kid while I cleaned up the floor, bedding, wall, etc.

Paula said...

Lucky you! I just dealt with this myself last week...I guess some kind of nasty going around. Glad to hear that she is feeling better.

Violet said...

Yet another thing to look forward to!