Thursday, July 31, 2008


So my poor kid is going to have a RUDE awakening when mommy is no longer pregnant! This whole summer I have been a sucker for treats. I crave sweets and Leah usually gets some if I have some. So what have we been snacking on??

1. Sonic. America's Drive-In and home of the Lemon-Berry fruit slush. I could drink one of these every day. Leah says "mommy likes Sonic" and "can I get a slushie" when we pull up. I had a hard time passing up the 99 cent milkshakes they had in June too.

2. Peanut M&M's. I have a bag in the closet at all times. Leah likes the idea of peanut M&M's but often comes to me with a half chewed peanut that she has spit out.

3. Doughnuts. Heaven Scent Doughnuts to be exact. Anything with custard filling for me.

Leah "showing" me her doughnut.

4. Ice cream. Everything from Dairy Queen to homemade rootbeer floats and banana splits. Helps with the heartburn you know!

5. All sorts of other odds & ends like pudding cake, chocolate covered bananas, snowcones, grandma's good chocolate chip cranberry cookies.

mmmm snowcones

Now, please don't think I am eating all of this at once, or even that I am passing up my veggies for the tasty treats. I just like to indulge once a day or so. We are sure to brush our teeth to get all the sugar off before we go to bed too!


Anonymous said...

You mean it's bad to eat all that at once???


Paula said...

Oh god, I know what you mean! I always get a sweet tooth when I'm pregnant. But that will come to end soon too....

Charlie's Moppy said...

guess we will have to meet for broccoli and cheese instead of sno cones and doughnuts!

Vicki said...

I hear you! I was like that too. It's hard to get over even once the baby is here but I'm regretting it now that my clothes don't fit!!